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Welcome to Tech Project Center – your source for excellence in Training and Certifications

Welcome to Tech Project CENTER – the epicenter of excellence in IT Training and Certifications

Here, every step is a leap towards excellence: discover Tech Project Center, the sanctuary where passion for technology and the desire for knowledge unite to create an unmatched educational adventure. With us, every aspect of learning is meticulously thought out to open new horizons in your IT career.

We transform learning into a fascinating experience

At Tech Project Center, we dedicate ourselves to turning IT education into a captivating adventure. Here, learning is akin to a journey around the world in 90 days, where continuous exploration and improvement are key. We offer professional and comprehensive training programs, meticulously adapted to your needs – whether you’re at the beginning of your IT career, a professional seeking refinement, or a company looking for customized training solutions. When one of our trainers begins to speak, everything transforms into a deep and engaging learning experience. At Tech Project Center, you’ll find courses for every level, designed to develop your skills and maximize your potential.

Where facts speak and challenges become opportunities

We understand the importance of a learning environment where facts speak louder than words. We believe in you and your desire for affirmation, certification, and recognition of your efforts. We’ve been through the same journey, just like many other students before you, and we’ve learned that, whether we’re talking about individuals or companies, transforming challenges into opportunities is the key to success.

Discover our world of Training: knowledge, support, and motivation

Explore our world of training, where you’ll find not just knowledge, but also support, encouragement, and a friendly environment, all essential for achieving the success you deserve. Whether you’re interested in a specific course, an important certification, or simply wish to reach peak performance, at Tech Project Center, it all comes down to your career and the professional opportunities waiting for you. We can’t wait to see you in “class”!


IT Project Management

Hey tech enthusiasts! Let’s get ready to navigate the fascinating world of IT project management together

At Tech Project CENTER, we believe that every project is an adventure and every project manager, a hero in the making

Scrum Master

Welcome, future or current Scrum Masters! Are you ready to transform your career and become the backbone of any Agile team?

At Tech Project CENTER, we give you the key to unlock the door to Scrum excellence.

Product Owner

Hello, future Product Owners! Are you ready to take the reins and turn your ideas into amazing realities? In the world of Agile, the Product Owner is an innovator, a strategist and a dreamer.

At Tech Project CENTER, we equip you with everything you need to excel in this vital role.

Business Analyst

Hello, Pioneers of Business Analysis! Are you ready to be the secret link between the worlds of business and IT? In an era where data is like gold, you will be the alchemist who turns it into successful strategies.

We at Tech Project CENTER are here to arm you with the full arsenal of knowledge and tools to excel in this challenging and rewarding role.


Your Passport to Testing Excellence

The journey to professional recognition and technical mastery begins.

Agile Fundamentals

We explore the Agile universe together: our Agile Fundamentals course.

Step into the fascinating world of Agile with us! Our “Agile Fundamentals” course will lead you through the labyrinth of principles and methodologies that have revolutionized project management.

Agile Practice and Leadership

Embrace excellence in Agile: our Agile Practice and Leadership course, where flexibility and innovation meet!

Our “Agile Practice and Leadership” course is designed to guide you towards new horizons in project management and leadership.

We Talk, We Listen, We Collaborate

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